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Our Values

Equality and community

As a Quaker organisation we believe that everyone is equal.

  • We support and respect each other.
  • We use first names unless people ask us not to.
  • We encourage involvement of the people who use our services, both in decisions affecting their care and in those affecting the organisation as a whole.
  • We listen to each other as equals.
  • We celebrate the diversity in our community and treat each other with compassion.
  • We are fair and transparent in our employment practice.
  • We use the authority of our position with care and integrity.
  • We consider how best to handle difficult conversations with colleagues, treating them always as we would wish to be treated.
  • We work collaboratively.


As a Quaker organisation we understand that courage is needed to make personal and organisational change.

  • We support people to find the courage to move forward.
  • We are willing to learn, try creative new approaches and live adventurously.
  • We encourage people to ask questions and challenge things.
  • We share our insights and are willing to learn from others.
  • We tackle problems as soon as we can and see things through.
  • We manage our finances prudently to ensure a viable future.
  • We are willing to challenge the status quo in mental health practice

Honesty and integrity

As a Quaker organisation we believe that healthy relationships are based on honesty, trust and integrity.

  • We say things as they are, with kindness.
  • We are open and honest both with each other and with those outside the organisation.
  • We keep our word or explain why we can’t do this.
  • We admit our mistakes and learn from them.
  • We assess the impact of changes we make.
  • We are willing to explain our decisions.
  • We share as much information as we can with colleagues, recognising that confidentiality means that we cannot always do this.
  • We let our lives speak by living out our values.


As a Quaker organisation we believe in a peaceful, non-violent approach to life.

  • We respond to conflicts in an open, honest and peaceful way.
  • We try to create a peaceful environment for all to enjoy.
  • We value silence as a way of introducing calm and clarity to difficult situations and to help us be mindful of the present.
  • We do not invest in companies which make significant profit from producing or selling armaments, alcohol or tobacco; gambling; or publishing or distributing pornography

Care for our environment

As a Quaker organisation we are committed to caring for the world around us.

  • We encourage each other to behave in an environmentally responsible way.
  • We engage people who use our services in environmental initiatives.
  • We make good use of our existing resources and try to reduce waste.
  • We look after our buildings and grounds in an environmentally responsible way.
  • We work to reduce the organisation’s carbon footprint.
  • We reward initiatives that help us reduce our environmental impact.
  • We invest resources to help make the organisation more sustainable.


As a Quaker organisation we believe that there is always hope.

  • We hold on to hope when people lose their own hope
  • We work towards a brighter future for all those in our Retreat community
  • We adopt and model a positive, optimistic approach to challenges.

The Retreat’s Mission

Our mission is to provide high quality, specialist mental health services that do justice to our pioneering Quaker heritage and can be shared with others as an example of what is best practice in mental health care. We have been around for many years and plan to be here for the long-term with our business model that supports sustainable financial viability. We are a Quaker organisation and carry out our work in line with our Quaker values.