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The Retreat at BIGSPD 2015

There were roughly 200 researchers, clinicians and experts by experience present and participating in the national conference in Leeds. The highlight (for us) was proudly listening and learning from Clare and Hannah, members of Acorn's graduate group, as they presented their paper on the effectiveness of a transitional post-discharge group. It was an impressive presentation by anyone's standards, and their own recovery journeys were clearly evident.

Helen Crooke and Mark McFetridge also presented data and former clients' reflections of the long term effectiveness of the Acorn programme. This was derived from our "grand reunion" of 2015 (everything is a research opportunity!) Throughout the conference a poster prepared by Stephanie Petty was displayed. Stephanie and colleagues had explored the importance and challenge of working relationally within our older adults' services.

Thanks to the many who contributed to making possible The Retreat's valuable contribution to this conference. All presentations will be made available on The Retreat's website in the information resources section.