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The Naomi Unit

The Naomi Unit is for women with complex needs, primarily with an eating disorder. The team specialise in treating people with more than one diagnosis which may include personality disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder and complex post traumatic stress disorder.

The Naomi Unit is named by the wish of an anonymous donor, who's donation in Memory of Edward and David, made the complete renovation of the then female admissions ward possible in 1963. Not much is known about the anonymous donor except for the plaque that still stands at the old entrance to the Naomi unit. 

The Naomi unit has been accredited as excellent by the Royal College of Psychiatrists Quality Network for Eating Disorder Adult Inpatient Standards (QED). The QED standards are designed to reflect the experience of people using the services and look at all aspects of the service.
The standards cover five domains:

  • General Standards, including policies, protocols and staffing related issues
  • Timely and Purposeful Admission
  • Safety
  • Environment and Facilities
  • Therapies and Activities

The team on the Naomi Unit were also awarded the 'Psychiatric Team of the Year Award - Working-age Adults' at the Royal College of Psychiatrists annual awards in 2014.

Unit Information

Team Manager
Carmel Joyce

Lead Clinician
Dr Andrea Brown, Consultant Psychiatrist

Number of Beds
15 Beds

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