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The George Jepson Unit

The George Jepson Unit provides care and treatment for men who have a primary diagnosis of a functional or organic disorder. The unit is part of our Older Adult Services at The Retreat York. The unit provides expert care and management for patients who may have become too challenging in their current placement.

This Unit is named after George Jepson, the first medical superintendent at The Retreat in 1796. George Jepson is given the credit for the introduction of some of the methods of moral treatment. Unlike many of his peers at the time George Jepson believed that a person with a mental illness could be treated with kindness and compassion. George Jepson went on to marry Katherine Allen who shares her name with our older female unit.

The George Jepson Unit has been awarded the ‘Full Monty’ Star Wards’ Award. The Star Wards’ recipients are seen to provide exceptional, creative and therapeutic experiences for inpatients. Star Wards’ winners use a portfolio of 75 practical ideas to validate their existing good practice and to inspire further development.

Unit Information

Team Manager
Gill Davidson, Interim Team Manager

Lead Clinician
Dr Lopamundra Mitra, Consultant Psychiatrist

Number of Beds
13 Beds

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