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At The Retreat we are committed to meeting people's spiritual needs as a key part of their mental health needs. But what do we mean by spirituality? This word can mean different things to different people. At The Retreat, our understanding of spirituality is: ‘what uplifts us, what makes us whole and what connects us.’

We are keen to involve people who use our services in helping to shape our approach to spiritual care and encourage their attendance at our ‘S Group’ meetings.

We encourage everyone to recognise that spiritual needs can come in all shapes and forms, and may or may not involve religion. Spiritual care involves meeting people at the place of their deepest need, exploring these needs, listening and attending. We expect spiritual needs to be a regular part of care planning, of team meetings and of staff supervision sessions.

If people would like extra support outside their own unit, they are welcome to talk to Bronwen Gray, our Quaker Chaplain, who is happy to support anyone at The Retreat. She is also happy to talk to carers and may be able to offer help at particular times, for example help with funeral arrangements.