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The Institute of Mental Health Research Day 2016

A big “well done!” to all of our staff members involved in The Institute of Mental Health’s Research Day that took place in Nottingham on 10 May 2016. We are delighted to say that The Retreat had four oral presentations and two poster presentations at the Research Day.

Nicole Acton, Assistant Psychologist at The Retreat Strensall, presented ‘What resources help maximize resilience at work? Working with inpatient older adults presenting complex mental health needs’ based on a research study investigating the optimal resources to influence resilience in staff.

Bronwen Gray, our Quaker Chaplain, presented ‘Just going around in circles or walking a path with heart? An evaluation of the use of a hospital labyrinth’ based on the questionnaire based evaluation study she recently completed about the use of our very own lawn labyrinth that is within the hospital grounds.

Stephanie Wetherhill, Assistant Psychologist on The Kemp Unit, presented ‘CFT as a team approach in an inpatient setting’ which outlined qualitative findings of the effects of the use of a Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT) training workshop at The Retreat. This was co-authored by Kate Barker, Clinical Psychologist at The Tuke Centre.

Maria Lucy Siena, Assistant Psychologist at The Retreat Strensall, presented ‘Can therapeutic massage reduce stress in people with dementia?’, which outlined her research on whether massage is effective at reducing physiological indicators of stress in a hospital setting.

Throughout the conference, two posters prepared by Michelle Potts and Emma Bradshaw, were displayed. Michelle Potts, Assistant Psychologist on our Dementia Care Pathway, had explored whether the introduction of therapeutic massage would influence the amount of touch on our dementia units at The Retreat. Emma Bradshaw, Clinician at The Tuke Centre, provided a poster presentation entitled ‘Personality, Theoretical Orientation and Authenticity of Trainee Counselling Psychologists: A Phenomenological Study’.

Many thanks to everyone who contributed to make The Retreat's valuable contribution to this conference.