Compassion, Collaboration, Community

Our therapy services are now open on Saturdays

Compassion, Collaboration, Community

Our therapy services are now open on Saturdays

01904 412 551

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What is Couple Therapy?

Couple relationships impact our wellbeing, our children’s mental health and development and how we engage with others in our community.  If your relationship feels more like a source of stress than support, when ‘talking just makes it worse,’ it may be a good time to talk to us.

Couple therapy is an investment - of time and money. It takes commitment of energy and emotion.  Making the decision together, to seek help from a trained professional, is often an important first step towards reconnecting with your partner and being able to set some agreed goals again for the future.

What We Offer

We have  a number of experienced couple therapists here at The Retreat who are able to offer:

  • Regular time and confidential setting of sessions
  • Evening and Saturday morning appointments
  • An agreed agenda for the sessions
  • Links between the way you have been brought up and the expectations you bring to a relationship
  • Impartial observations & challenges with support
  • Exploration and understanding of current difficulties
  • Understanding your own and your partner’s feelings
  • Learning communication and problem solving skills if needed
  • Rediscovering the strengths in your couple relationship and developing new ones.

The first step would be to meet with a couples therapist for an in-depth assessment of 90 minutes, to think about what the problems are and how therapy might help.

Who Might Benefit?

People benefit from couple therapy for many different reasons. It may be that the relationship has broken down or that there is anxiety that it might.  Your relationship may be suffering due to personal loss, a change of circumstances, an additional relationship, a mental or physical health problem.

When one or both partners are living with symptoms of anxiety or depression, or the impact of life limiting illness, these experiences often put additional strain on the couple relationship. Research shows that couple therapy uses the couple relationship as a resource from which both partners can draw support, and  that many couples find they grow closer during this process.

We do not currently offer court directed mediation, however we do work with couples who have already made a decision to separate and want to be supported through this process. We do not work with couples where there is current violence or abuse in the relationship. *link to IDAS*


How to access the service

All therapies are accessed via our Initial Therapies Assessment. 

To refer yourself to our general therapies service, or just to talk to us about whether we can help, please call us on 01904 412551.

Alternatively, you can complete the form here and email it to us at


Please let us know if your enquiry is about couple therapy.

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