Compassion, Collaboration, Community

Our therapy services are now open on Saturdays

Compassion, Collaboration, Community

Our therapy services are now open on Saturdays

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Our services

Children and Young People's Therapy Services

We believe that every child and young person has the capacity to recover from the impact of challenging or negative life experiences; to grow, develop and achieve their full potential. We provide a bespoke therapeutic package based on the individual needs of each child and young person.

“You’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter that you think.”

A.A. Milne – Winnie the Pooh


Who is the Service for?

We provide a bespoke therapeutic support for children and young people who may have experienced a range of difficulties: _


*Depression or low mood

*Traumatic experiences

*Relationship difficulties


*Eating difficulties

*Issues with confidence and self-esteem


*Panic attacks

*Sleeping difficulties

*Other issues relating to the child/ young persons to wellbeing.


What do we Offer?

We offer different evidence based approaches depending on the age, individual needs and choices made by each individual child and young person and their family.

We begin with an assessment session to consider the therapeutic needs of the child/ young person and then decide which approach or combination of approaches is the best way to help.

Our approach is child-centred. This means we support the child/ young person to feel safe and comfortable in their sessions and we help them explore the best way for them to communicate on their therapeutic journey. Some young people may want to simply talk, others my want to use art materials or clay. Young children usually love to use a range of therapeutic play resources.

Play Therapy

For many young children the natural way for them to communicate about their feelings and experiences is through play rather than words. Play enables children to express themselves symbolically and safely. This helps the child feel understood by their therapist and ultimately their parent/ carer. They are able to explore and process their experiences and create new beginnings in their lives.

Creative Arts Therapies

We include interventions from art therapy, drama therapy, the use of story and Sandtray therapy. Sandtray therapy allows people to express their inner world though a range a miniature figures which they place in a tray of sand. Creative arts interventions are for people of all ages, including adults, and many people find them helpful because they can more easily access memories and resolutions than using words alone.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Techniques

CBT provides a useful way for children and young people to manage symptoms of anxiety, panic attacks and low mood. It includes learning breathing and relaxation techniques to manage difficult emotions. This approach helps children and young people who may have developed unhelpful thinking patterns and it enables them to form constructive and realistic ways of thinking. It tends to be goal orientated and there are usually worksheets and tasks to be completed in between sessions.

Parent - Child Therapy

Some children and young people experience problems that are related to earlier experiences in their life and how this has impacted on their relationship with their parent/ carer. These children/ young people may have difficulties managing their emotions and behaviour. Parent - child therapy involves the child and the parent/ carer each having individual therapy sessions with their therapist. This enables the therapist to assess the individual needs of the child, and to help the parent/ carer think about how they can meet their child’s particular needs. The therapist then provides joint therapy sessions for the child and parent/ carer together to help them communicate.


How to Access the Service

All therapies are accessed via our Initial Therapies Assessment. 

To refer child/ young person to our general therapies service, or just to talk to us about whether we can help, please call us on 01904 412551, Option 3.

Alternatively, you can complete the form here and email it to us at



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