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Staff and patients at The Retreat York braved the weather to plant an orchard on 7 December, with generous support from the York Get Growing project. Eighteen trees were planted near the site of an earlier orchard in the grounds, and included apples, pears, plums, cherry and quince.

Together with patients Jenny McAleese, Chief Executive, planted an apple tree. She said, “We are delighted to have an orchard back in our grounds, and look forward to having our own home-grown fruit. The planting has already shown therapeutic benefits for patients, and we look forward to involving people in the picking and care of the trees in the future.”

Patients planted trees to remember relatives or friends who had died, or simply to mark their own recovery. Funds were raised through sponsorship and with help from the York Get Growing project.

The orchard was initiated by The Retreat’s Green Group, which works to reduce the organisation’s impact on the environment.