We appreciate that everyone is struggling to understand the current situation regarding the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Here at The Retreat we are following national advice and guidance and have temporarily suspended all face-to-face appointments.

Please be reassured that you can speak to us by telephone and also see and speak to us online via video link.

Many people are taking advantage of our video consultations and we would urge you to enquire about this. Find out more here



We are introducing new prices for our services, for current and new clients, in order to increase access in these challenging times and providing more opportunities to support our local community.

Find out more here.



Compassion, Collaboration, Community

Our therapy services are now open on Saturdays

Compassion, Collaboration, Community

Our therapy services are now open on Saturdays

01904 412 551

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Digital Technology

The Retreat uses digital technology to tackle mental health

Using technology for virtual consultations and therapy is vital for today’s mental health service, says Clinical Psychologist Dr Katja Osswald, Autism and ADHD lead at The Retreat.

The Retreat’s new virtual consultation system now has its own purpose built, soundproofed consultation room on site. It is fully encrypted and secure and assures confidentiality. It is also possible to record the consultation which is helpful for clinicians.
Dr Katja has recently carried out a lengthy family interview over the internet as part of a patient’s Autism assessment. The Retreat constructed and kitted out a dedicated, sound-proofed consultation room, fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology for virtual consultations.

“I think this technology will be a great help for our patients and their families, going forward. It gives them more flexibility and, once we have established a relationship with them, they are more than happy to talk to us online,” said Dr Osswald.

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