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New dual diagnosis service

People with both addiction and mental health problems are benefitting from a ground-breaking new inpatient service at The Retreat.

The new dual diagnosis service is one of a very few in the country to offer simultaneous treatment for substance misuse and mental health problems.

"A third to half of all patients with long-standing serious mental health problems also have problems with drink and drugs which makes managing their lives more difficult," says consultant psychiatrist Gill Smith.  "This new programme will help people understand the relationship between the use of drugs and alcohol and their mental health problems.

"A multidisciplinary team including a psychiatrist, occupational therapist and psychologist will assess their mental problems, the type of misuse and how they feel about it.  The aim is to help them manage their situation at their own pace.  They will be encouraged to learn better coping strategies so that they can reduce the chances of further illness episodes.  People will go out feeling stronger, with better self-esteem and self-confidence."

The idea for the dual diagnosis service came from a group called Double Trouble which Gill set up at The Retreat a year ago.  "The group was so successful that we realised there was a need for a dedicated service to address the specific needs of this group of people.  We hope the new service will help people recover more quickly, establish a richer, more enjoyable life and imagine a future for themselves."