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Naomi unit selected to pilot new eating disorder standards

The Retreat is delighted that the Naomi unit has been selected to pilot the Quality Network for Eating Disorders Adult Inpatient Standards (QED).  12 Adult units have been chosen across the country and The Retreat is one of five independent providers to have been chosen.

The standards contain both the general standards for adult inpatient units (the AIMS standards) and also additional standards relating to what is expected, or desirable, from a high quality eating disorder unit.

The standards reflect the issues which make a difference in the experience of a person using the service.  They follow a patient pathway through care and how the service interfaces with other services.  The standards used are underpinned by a core set of values developed by an advisory group consisting of professional groups, patients and their carers. 

The standards cover five domains:

  • General Standards, including policies, protocols and staffing related issues
  • Timely and Purposeful Admission
  • Safety
  • Environment and Facilities
  • Therapies and Activities

The standards incorporate requirements and recommendations set out in national policies and guidelines and are aligned with:

  • Department of Health Policy Implementation Guides.
  • The findings of the Confidential Inquiry into Suicide and Homicide.
  • NICE guidance.
  • Recommendations by NHS Estates and the Royal College of Psychiatrists about ward design.
  • The National Patient Safety Agency’s Safer Wards for Acute Psychiatry Initiative.
  • Recommendations arising from the National Audit of Violence.
  • MARSIPAN guidelines.
  • East of England Specialised Commissioning Group care pathway.