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How to make a human being

Photography and Expressive Art Exhibition at The Retreat in York.

SASH works to prevent youth homelessness in the Yorkshire region, through education, training and support.

Suzanne said she chose to hold the event for SASH because “for a long time I recognised the intrinsically strong relationship between youth homelessness and mental health. Mental illness often prolongs or leads to homelessness, tending to be exacerbated by the experience.” A recent national survey stated that among Britain's homeless, over 40% report to suffer from a mental health difficulty, which is not at all surprising to me.

“Personally - I suffer from a mental illness; I have no relationship with my family; I have had to move to York to build a network of support. I have twice been homeless and I have twice attempted to commit suicide, and I have no doubt having to face the fact (I thought) I had nowhere to go was the predominant factor in those attempts on my life. I had never heard of charities like SASH before and maybe if I had I wouldn't have ended up acting upon desperate measures. So, I guess now that I am in a position to understand that and see the vital importance of charities like SASH and the difference they could make, if there's widespread knowledge, I have chosen to try and help others.”

Supporting the local community is something The Retreat has always tried to do and it’s fantastic to see this being replicated by the people we work with. Suzanne worked extremely hard on the exhibition and other fundraising activities and we couldn’t be prouder of her.