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How green is The Retreat?

recycle logoStaff and patients at The Retreat are becoming greener, with the help of a host of new initiatives to recycle waste and help the environment.

The Retreat’s new ‘Green Champions’ group is working with local partner organisations to look at greener ways of working, introduce recycling facilities and create initiatives to protect the environment.

Leading the group is The Retreat’s marketing manager Louise Clarke: “We wanted to promote a greener lifestyle at The Retreat, so we set up the group to look at the various things we could do. We wanted to get everyone on board and get them thinking about waste disposal, recycling and helping our environment, not only at The Retreat, but also at home.”

The group has already introduced recycling facilities for paper, cardboard, aluminium cans and plastic bottles. The Retreat has also agreed to use the social responsibility fund for 2008 for a green project and the Green Champions are putting together proposals for this project.

One of the projects which has been suggested is the possibility of harvesting and recycling rainwater to be used in the laundry. Using collected rainwater, instead of mains water, will reduce the amount of water consumption and help The Retreat become more environmentally friendly.

The water will have to go through a filter process before being reused and The Retreat is currently monitoring how much water it uses in its laundry to estimate the cost benefits of installing the recycling system.


Another initiative by the Green Champions is to use national Learning and Work Day on 22 May to promote green issues to staff. The Retreat has linked up with City of York Council, the Energy Advice Centre and York Rotters for support and is planning a presentation on 22 May for staff.