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Free mental health event for local employers.

As part of its range of events for Mental Health Awareness Week 2015, The Tuke Centre are putting on a free event for local employers on Tuesday May 12th from 5:30-7pm. This event will be part of Mental Health Awareness Week (11-17th May 2015). If you would like to book a free place on the event please use this link to our Eventbrite booking page -

We are aware that businesses generally find that much of the absences from work are related to mental health issues. The NHS estimates that “Almost 50% of long-term absences from work are due to mental health issues, including depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder”.

Employees who have mental health issues often say nothing about it until it becomes a significant issue and they have to take time off work. In addition, according to a recent report by the Royal College of Psychiatrists on mental health and work “…many people with mental health problems fear that, no matter how good a recovery they have made, their symptoms will be made worse by going back to work”.

Yet we know that:

  • Work has a wide range of benefits for people with mental health issues 
  • Employers seek ways to ensure that people with mental health issues can stay in work and, if they do need time off, that they return to work as soon as possible.

This free event for local businesses aims to give you some advice on fulfilling your crucial role in supporting job retention and return to work for people with mental health issues. It will offer you tips on:- 

  • Statutory responsibilities under the Equality Act 2010 and making reasonable adjustments 
  • Coaching, buddying, mentoring and mediation 
  • Mindfulness and mental health skills in the workplace 
  • Proactive management of employees’ mental health, planning for wellbeing at work and the benefits for employers 
  • Funding mental health support and training

If you would rather book a place directly than book through Eventbrite then please email or call Kirstie Savage on 01904 430370.