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Free mental health event for GPs.

As part of its range of events for Mental Health Awareness Week 2015, The Tuke Centre are putting on a free event for GPs on Monday May 11th from 5:30-7pm. This event will be part of Mental Health Awareness Week (11-17th May 2015). If you would like to book a free place on the event please use this link to our Eventbrite booking page -, contact Kirstie Savage on 01904 430370 or email

We are aware that GPs have an extremely busy job and time is very limited. We are also aware that a great deal of GPs’ time is taken up supporting people with mental health issues. We would like to ensure that this event is as useful as possible for GPs, so have focused on the areas that GPs have identified as the most challenging for them. For example, GPs have said that there is a lack of local support for patient with mental health issues and yet they want to offer alternatives or additions to prescription drugs used to treat mental illness. Some GPs have said that they lack confidence in dealing with mental health issues, particularly in terms of where to get funding for support such as talking therapies and where to refer patients on to.

This free event for GPs aims to give you some information that you will find useful in supporting people with mental health issues. It will offer you information about:- 

  • Medical monitoring of people with eating disorders 
  • Mindfulness 
  • Borderline personality disorder and DBT 
  • Working with patients with health anxiety/medically unexplained symptoms 
  • Funding mental health support and training