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FAQ for Professionals

How quickly can somebody be admitted to The Retreat?

At present we do not operate an emergency admissions unit. New admissions to The Retreat go through a referral and assessment process that can take a number of weeks to complete. For more information about waiting times for specific services please contact Amy Bedingham on or call 01904 420910.

How involved is The Retreat with home teams and community services?

Continued involvement with home teams is often a critical part of an individual’s care plan and the teams at The Retreat work closely to ensure a smooth transition into the service, maintain contact during the stay and a planned, supported discharge at the appropriate time.

How will I keep in touch with my patient?

We encourage care coordinators, funders and other members of the home team to attend CPA reviews and maintain as much contact with their patient during their stay with us as possible. We can hold CPAs via a secure video conference meeting.  For those travelling from outside the area who need an overnight stay we can arrange subsidised accommodation onsite.

How can we be assured of the patients safety at The Retreat?

As an independent hospital The Retreat is inspected by the CQC who publish publicly their findings on their website We have an in-house Social Work team who liaise with our Governance team to ensure any Safeguarding incidents are investigated speedily and thoroughly. Patients at The Retreat have access to a number of advocacy services include an independent provider we commission to provide an additional internal advocacy service.

What happens in the event of an unplanned incident?

Should any incidents occur whilst an individual is staying with us their care coordinator and funder would be notified as appropriate.

How much do the services at The Retreat cost?

As we have a range of services there is no set price across the hospital.  Please contact Amy Bedingham on 01904 420910 or who will be able to provide you costings for the service you are interested in.

How do The Retreat's rates compare with other mental health providers?

Specialist inpatient care will always require a significant investment. At The Retreat we are fortunate that as an independent charity we do not have some of the tax or overhead liabilities our competitors might incur. This allows us to keep our fees as low as possible whilst providing a high quality service tailored to each individuals specific needs. Our daily rates compare favourably to both private sector and NHS provision.

Are one-to-one observations included within the agreed daily rate?

We try to be as flexible as possible on this and occasional one-to-one observations undertaken at no extra cost as part of our routine work. For patients with higher level or longer term needs one-to-one observations may incur an additional charge.

Does The Retreat's link with Quakers affect the way they operate?

Whilst ensuring the spiritual needs of patients are appropriately met The Retreat does not promote any particular faith or religion within it work. The strongest influence the link with the Quakers bring us are a set of underpinning values that cut across all of our work. These are Equality, Hope, Care for the Environment, Peace, Honesty and Integrity and Courage. We believe that in addition to being Quaker values that are also universal values that provide benefit for everybody we are working with.

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