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FAQ for Individuals

Will I have my own room?

You will have your own room and the majority have en-suite bathrooms. You can make your room as comfortable as you would with personal items from home. Your room will have a lock and there will be a lockable cabinet or drawer in your room.

What will I do during the day?

There are weekly programmes on all our units with a variety of groups and activities to attend. You will also be able to get involved in other events around the organisation and with other people who use services. In addition to this there are opportunities to get involved in activities and volunteering in the wider York community.

What should I bring with me?

We will send you a leaflet explaining what you might like to bring with you and what will happen in the first 48 hours. The leaflet will explain what you can bring in relation to the unit you are going to be staying on.

What will I have to eat?

We have kitchens on site and as such all the meals that we provide are homemade and the ingredients are locally sourced. Feedback from people using our services is that our food is delicious. We have dietitians at The Retreat who can help with any specific issues and requests that you may have with your diet.

When will I be able to go home?

You will decide with your clinical and home team when the best time is to start taking leave and going home. Our aim is to get you back home as soon as possible and so we will work closely with you to get you back into the community when you are ready to start taking leave.

Can I use my mobile phone and laptop?

We have a Wi-Fi connection so that you can use your mobile and laptop, some people like to use the Coffee Lounge (QP) to use their laptops on an evening after groups have finished.  We ask that you do not take photos of other people and that you are respectful in terms of not having your phone in groups.

Is there any support for my friends, family and carers?

Yes there is a range of support available. We understand that often friends and family members need support and we provide informal support for the friends and family members. More formal support is given through support groups and workshops aimed at helping families/partners support their loved one. We also invite friends and family to become involved in shaping the services we deliver and run FFCF (Friends, Family and Carers Forum).

Will I be involved in the planning of my treatment?

All your recovery planning will be done with you so that you input into how your care is delivered. You will be given the opportunity to fill out an advanced statement, which is an expression of your preference for your care. You are encouraged to attend your MDT (Multi-Disciplinary Team meeting) where the team will discuss your care with you. You will have regular CPA (Care Programme Approach) reviews, where you will meet with your team, home team and your friends and family if you want them present to review your care. You will have regular community and business meetings where you will be encouraged to reach joint solutions about issues pertaining to the unit and the organisation. At every step of your care you will be involved and we will actively seek your views on the service you receive.

How do I access your services?

Having read about our services you may feel The Retreat is the right place for you.

For our inpatient care we need a written referral from a healthcare professional, such as a Consultant Psychiatrist, Care Coordinator or Social Worker. So we would recommend you speak with them about the option of being referred to The Retreat.

If you're not engaged with any services and do not currently have a health professional working with you, we would recommend you go and see your GP who is the person best positioned to help you get support.

Can I pay for my own care?

At The Retreat 99% of inpatient placements are funded by statutory services, such as the NHS, due to the complex nature of the person’s illness and the length of stay required .  You can pay privately if you are able to meet the cost of treatment and your placement is approved by your local mental heath team.

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