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FAQ for Families

Will the person I care for have their own room?

Yes, they will have their own room, the majority of which have en suite bathrooms. The person you care for may wish to bring in items such as pictures from home to make their room more comfortable. A lockable cabinet or drawer will be provided in their room to keep their valuables safe.

What will the person I care for do during the day?

Programmes of activity and therapy are run throughout the week across the units. These encompass a variety of groups and activities and differ according to the unit the person is on and to the needs of the individual. There is also ample opportunity for people to become involved with other events around The Retreat and in the wider York community.

What can I bring in for the person I care for?

We will send you a leaflet with information on what each unit finds to be appropriate. Staff will be on hand to give you more information with regards to the specifics of each unit.

What will the person I care for have to eat?

At The Retreat we have onsite kitchens and make all of our meals using locally sourced ingredients. We also have dietitians who are able to help with any additional dietary requirements.

When will the person I care for be able to come home?

The decision of when someone is ready to start taking leave and ultimately come home is taken jointly between and individual and their clinical and home team. We aim to support people to go home as soon as is right for them and so we work closely with the person and their support network to help them re-engage with their community.

Will people have mobile phone and laptop access?

Wi-Fi is available throughout The Retreat and the people who use our services can access this at any time.

Is there any support for the friends, family and carers of people using services?

Yes, the Involvement team offers support to the friends, family and carers of people who use our services. Friends, family and carers can put their views and experiences directly to the Involvement Support Worker. There is also a Quaker Chaplain on hand should the friends, family and carers of those who use our services require any additional support. We also run Carers Support Groups and Carers Physo-Educational workshops.

There is a quarterly Friends, Families and Carers’ Forum (FFCF), run by the Involvement Team and designed to allow the experiences of friends, families and carers to positively impact upon the development of The Retreat. There are also workshops run to help the friends, families and carers of people who use our services develop their skills and equip them in their role.

How involved will I be in the planning of the treatment of the person I care for?

Recovery planning is centred around the people who use our services. Where consent is expressly given you will be invited to input into the Recovery Plan. The person you care for will also be invited to join their multi-disciplinary team (MDT) meetings. The person you care for will also be involved in their regular care programme approach (CPA) reviews. If consent is given you may also be invited to these meetings.

How can I go about getting support from The Retreat for the person I care for?

Having read about our services you may feel The Retreat is the right place to seek help for a member of your family or for a friend.

For inpatient care we need a written referral from a healthcare professional, such as a Consultant Psychiatrist, Care Coordinator or Social Worker.  Please contact the person involved in your care, or ask the person you are concerned about to contact their healthcare professional, to discuss the option of being referred to The Retreat. 

More information on the referral process can be found here

When can I visit?

The Visiting Hours are stated in our Visitors Policy.  These hours are usually between 7.30am  and 7.00pm all week.  The unit will be able to give you more detailed information of visiting times in relation to the person you care for individual care plan. The unit will also be able to inform you of any items which can or cannot be brought in with you.

Can someone pay for their own care?

Due to the potenitally complex nature of the person’s illness  around 99% of inpatient placements are funded by statutory services such as the NHS.  However if you require further details on private funding please contact our Referrals Team.

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