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Eating Disorder unit 'accredited as excellent'

The Retreat is delighted to announce that our Eating Disorder unit has been 'accredited as excellent' for the Quality Network in Eating Disorders Adult Inpatient Standards (QED) following their peer review last autumn.  Naomi unit is one of five national eating disorder services to achieve the highest level of accreditation, and one of two independent providers who were accredited.

The standards contain both the general standards for adult inpatient units (the AIMS standards) and also additional standards relating to what is expected, or desirable, from a high quality eating disorder unit.

The standards reflect the issues which make a difference in the experience of a person using the service.  They follow a patient pathway through care and how the service interfaces with other services.  The standards used are underpinned by a core set of values developed by an advisory group consisting of professional groups, patients and their carers. 

The standards cover five domains:

  • General Standards, including policies, protocols and staffing related issues
  • Timely and Purposeful Admission
  • Safety
  • Environment and Facilities
  • Therapies and Activities

Dr Andrea Brown, consultant psychiatrist for the Naomi unit said “I am delighted with this external recognition of the quality of care the Naomi team provides.  This standard not only recognises the care for people on the unit but also the help we provide for carers.”

Janet Dodsworth, clinical team manager adds “This award highlights the hard work and dedication of the whole Naomi team and they are to be congratulated on achieving the top level.”

Accreditation assures staff, service users and carers, commissioners and regulators of the quality of the service being provided.

QED is an initiative of the College Centre for Quality Improvement from the Royal College of Psychiatrists.