Compassion, Collaboration, Community

Our therapy services are now open on Saturdays

Compassion, Collaboration, Community

Our therapy services are now open on Saturdays

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Cookie Policy

  1. Purpose

Our website uses technology called ‘cookies’ to enable us to detect who has visited our website and to determine how the user interacts with our web pages. The cookie is placed on your device each time you visit our website and only ends when you leave our website. The cookie will only be reactivated once you re-visit our website again.

  1. Data Collected

Our web analysis team collect and track the following data when you enter our website. We track:

  • Your IP address
    • The date and time of the request
    • Title of the page being reviewed
    • The URL of the page being reviewed
    • The screen resolution being used
    • The files that were clicked and downloaded
    • The location of the user
    • The language of the browser

We also detect your browser, operating system, the device used (desktop, tablet, mobile etc.), brand and model.

In addition, we store random unique visitors ID references.

  1. Sharing of Data

 Under no circumstances do we create or share any personal cookie data or tracking data with third parties. In addition, we are not part of any feed information or advertising network to share data.

  1. Your Choices

By consenting to our Cookie Policy you consent to:

  • The collection of your IP address and the associated details as above.
  1. Opting Out

If you do not want us to collect this information then you can change your browser setting to a ‘Do Not Track’ request. By choosing to this option it will prevent your privacy from not being viewed.

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