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Care Programme Approach

What is the Care Programme Approach?

The term Care Programme Approach (CPA) describes the framework that supports effective mental health care for people with severe mental health disorders. People who have been assessed by specialist mental health services and who require continued involvement from specialist mental health services will be subject to CPA.

When there are professionals involved in someone’s care, the key principles of CPA apply. These principles stipulate that people have the right to a comprehensive assessment of their needs, the development of a Care Plan, and review of that Care Plan.

What to expect

When someone is admitted to The Retreat, an immediate Recovery Plan is devised. That Recovery Plan will guide that person’s care over the next 72 hours.

After this period, the Recovery Plan should, where possible, be developed by the person that has been admitted and their Named Nurse/Keyworker. This Recovery Plan is the document that will define someone’s treatment and is an evolving document that is reviewed where possible in line with the changing needs of the person or at their request.

The Recovery Plan should be central to the CPA review in identifying the reason the person is in hospital (assessed need), the goals for their time at The Retreat and the treatment available and delivered.

The decision as to how frequent CPA reviews ought to be held is made by the multi-disciplinary team in consultation with the person using the service where possible. A review must be held at a minimum at six monthly intervals. During the CPA review, the person’s current Recovery Plan and risk are considered. The date of the next CPA is decided at the end of each meeting.