Physio Blog #6 - Weight Loss

I thought it would be appropriate to look at the issue of weight loss with it being the New Year. How many of us set a new year’s resolution to lose a bit of weight? Especially after Christmas! Now as always what I am going to say to you is from what I have learnt through my training and my own personal experience, not everyone will agree with it and it may not work for everyone but I hope you will get something from my advice.

Physio Blog #5 - Desk Exercises

This blog answers the age old question of how can I stay fit when I spent my life working at a desk. It's the perfect first step towards smashing your new years resolution.

Physio Blog #4 - Strengthening Exercises

This month our Physio Susie takes a look at strengthening exercises and gives you some examples that you can try at home

Physio Blog #3 - Aerobic Exercise

Our resident Physiotherapist Susan Calvert talks about Aerobic Exercise, why it's important and some simple ways to ensure you're getting yours.

Physio Blog #1 - The Importance of Exercise

The Retreat's Physiotherapist, Susie Calvert reflects on the importance of exercise and the effects of the recent government changes.

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