Day in the Life of a Trustee Director #2 - The Meeting

It can be a daunting place to some, sitting at the highly polished oval antique Board Table with the Quaker founders William and Sam Tuke’s portraits staring down at you - you can almost hear them speaking - at least we hope their spirit in the work we do is alive and well!

Day in the Life of a Trustee Director #1

Mike Wash - Trustee Director of The Retreat since 2012, gives us an insight into what life is like for a Trustee Director of The Retreat.

Retreat Reflections #2 - Hrefna

In 1976 I moved from Iceland to York as my then husband had been admitted to the University of York. As I am a social educator I quickly got work, luckily at The Retreat. I worked at The Retreat for almost three years, and during that time I learned a lot that has helped me in my profession. I got to know a lot of very nice and interesting people both staff and residents that had a lot of effect on me and to this day I cherish my memories of them. At the time I worked at The Retreat the emphasis was on old age psychiatry. The residents had all had long lives and many of them had interesting backgrounds that fascinated me, and I enjoyed listening to their stories.

Physio Blog #6 - Weight Loss

I thought it would be appropriate to look at the issue of weight loss with it being the New Year. How many of us set a new year’s resolution to lose a bit of weight? Especially after Christmas! Now as always what I am going to say to you is from what I have learnt through my training and my own personal experience, not everyone will agree with it and it may not work for everyone but I hope you will get something from my advice.

Physio Blog #5 - Desk Exercises

This blog answers the age old question of how can I stay fit when I spent my life working at a desk. It's the perfect first step towards smashing your new years resolution.

Retreat Reflections #1 - Janet Walker

In the first of our Retreat Reflections Janet Walker look back on her time working at The Retreat. Janet was one of the stars from the Light Through the Clouds film in 1955, which you can view here http://youtu.be/oBENppxH880

Uniforms or Not?

One of our specialist older adult units explores the idea of uniforms in preperation for introducing them to one of our female dementia units.

Physio Blog #4 - Strengthening Exercises

This month our Physio Susie takes a look at strengthening exercises and gives you some examples that you can try at home

Claire's Story - Two Perspectives on Eating Disorders

In this guest blog Claire takes time to think about her experiences of Eating Disorder services as a patient and NHS staff member, and asks explores some questions around the changes to the Diagnostic Criteria.


In light of the recent increase in children's hospital admissions for intentional self-harm Dr Liz Lawson answers some frequently asked questions about self-harm.

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