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The Retreat York Benevolent Fund - a provider of healthcare grants 

The Retreat York Benevolent Fund was established in 1919 and its primary purpose is to assist members of The Religious Society of Friends, and those "closely connected with Friends", to meet the cost of treatment at The Retreat or elsewhere where they are unable to meet the full fees payable because they are in "straightened circumstances".  The intention in setting up the Fund was "to lessen in many Friends’ families the burden which mental affliction inevitably brings."  Grants can be made for healthcare provided by other healthcare organisations including physical healthcare.  Funds can also be used to support projects which relate directly to Quaker initiatives promoting good mental health practice.

The funds held by the Benevolent Fund (which is a separate registered charity) are entirely separate from The Retreat’s finances. The Trustees of the Fund are keen to receive applications for assistance from those who qualify.

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How Do I Access The Fund?

  1. Contact Peter Edley (Secretary for the Fund) at The Retreat 01904 412551 (ext 2211)

    or email:

    Benevolent Fund Application Form for Individuals

    Benevolent Fund Application Form for Organisations and Groups

  2. Once you've completed the aplication form please return it to the Acting Director of Finance using the email above or call Peter directly for further information.
  3. The documentation required includes a summary of the individuals financial position together with certification by a named Friend indicating support for the application and providing details of how closely the applicant is  associated with the Meeting.  If the financial circumstances of the recipient change for the better, either during their treatment or subsequently, the Friend undertakes to notify the Trustees of the Fund.
  4. The application is considered by a representative from the Trustees and the Secretary to the Fund. The applicant is then informed of the decision.