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Autism Awareness Event - Talks Announced

On Thursday September 4th at 5:30pm The Tuke Centre will be hosting an Autism Awareness Event at The Retreat on Heslington Road in York. There will be a number of organisations attending including: Citizens Advice Bureau, York Advocacy, National Autisic Society, Mencap, Living With Autism and York Carers Centre.

Below is the time table for all of the talks planned for the night and short biographies for each of the speakers.

To reserve places please contact the Tuke Centre on 01904 430370 or email

The impact of diagnosis in adulthood

Olly Carmichael – Blog writer, advocate for change and service user

Take a journey into the world of autism with Olly Carmichael to explore the grey areas between autism and mental illness and discover how diagnosis in adulthood was the key to understanding him and the catalyst for his recovery.


Autism and Mental Health

Dr Victoria Hughes, Chartered Psychologist – Tuke Centre, York

A recent study concluded that 65% of adults with autism have mental health difficulties. Victoria will be talking about why adults on the autistic spectrum are more susceptible to conditions like depression, anxiety, OCD and eating disorders.


Introduction to Autism

Freyja Bancroft – Assistant Psychologist – The Retreat, York

Freyja will be introducing the autistic spectrum and the characteristics associated with having an autistic spectrum diagnosis.


The legal rights of adults with Autism

Stephen Elliot & Susan McKendry – Langley’s Solicitors

Stephen and Susan will be talking about the legal rights of someone with autism. Susan is currently a partner in the Health and Social Care Team at Langley Solicitors and Stephen currently leads the employment law team.


Effectiveness of Positive Behavioural Support Strategies

Dr Paul Dickinson – Consultant Psychologist – Options Group

Paul will be introducing a recent pilot study evaluating the effectiveness of positive behavioural approaches to reduce restrictive practices in autism residential services. 


Psychosocial interventions for adults with autism

Bryan Craig – Lecturer Practitioner in ASD & Claire Pratt – Assistant Psychologist – St Andrews Healthcare

 Bryan and Claire will be considering the successful elements of psychosocial programmes that help adults with autism develop their sense of self.


Sensory and Communication difficulties

Faye Coles – Specialist Speech and Language Therapist – Independent Practitioner

Faye will be talking about the common communication and sensory difficulties experienced by individuals across the autistic spectrum