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Involving You

At The Retreat we understand the importance of involving friends, families and carers in the way we deliver services. We have a dedicated involvement team who works closely with all the individuals in a patient's life to ensure they are fully involved in their care and support. At the Retreat our emphasis is on including everyone to ensure that they have the opportunity to be heard. The three goals of our involvement work are to:

  • Empower individuals.
  • Develop a high quality service.
  • Encourage people to be involved in their own care.

We know involvement means different things to different people and comes in many shapes and sizes. We have a flexible and creative approach to involvement which is designed and driven by the people who use our services, their friends, families and carers. We use a range of strategies to involve people across the organisation, including forums, surveys, small group work, consultations on specific plans and of course informal chats with our Involvement Worker.

Meet the Involvement Team

The involvement team are a group of dedicated staff who work across the organisation to ensure that there are opportunities for friends, families and carers to be involved in every aspect of care and development.

Ellie Hindley
Involvement Support Worker

"My role is to facilitate involvement across The Retreat. I am here to be a voice for the families, friends and carers of people using our services. My role is primarily focused upon ensuring that the views, thoughts and opinions of the friends, families and carers of those who use our services can go on to impact upon service development. We hold a quarterly forum for the friends, families and carers of people who use our services at The Retreat (FFCF). This forum has had a wide impact upon the experiences of those who use our services and their friends, families and carers."