Respect, dignity and tolerance form the basis of all our relationships A calming environment promoting a feeling of independence and hope Providing the highest standards of care for people with complex and challenging needs Spacious and relaxed surroundings where individuals receive support and unique pathways to recovery

Specialist Adult ServicesThese Services provide treatment within three specialist units:

The Acorn Programme is a Therapeutic Community (TC) which uses Dialectical Behaviour Therapy for women with complex needs, predominantly women who meet the criteria for borderline personality disorder and / or complex post traumatic stress disorder.

Naomi is a service for working age adults with complex needs, specialising in eating disorders, obsessive complusive disorder, anxiety and mood disorders.  We specialise in treating people with more than one diagnosis.

Hannah Mills unit provides assessment and rehabilitation for people with complex mental health problems, including psychosis and bipolar affective disorder.  It also offers treatment for alcohol addiction or abuse, for people identified as having a dual diagnosis. We help people whose ability to maintain independence in the community is compromised by distress resulting from their life experience.


These services are aimed at people of midlife and beyond and...

offer hospital based treatment for mental health problems eg psychosis, depression, bipolar affective disorder, dementia.  People who use the service may as a result of these illnesses present with behaviours that are challenging to carers or nursing homes such as wandering, aggression or anti-social behaviour.  This includes people who are detained under the Mental Health Act or who require intensive levels of assessment, monitoring and treatment that is not possible in other settings.  The service is needs led not age led. 

Most people are aged 50 years and over, although people with older adult needs who are under 50 years old (eg dementia) will be considered.  The multidisciplinary team is experienced in managing high risk challenging behaviours in a dignified manner and uses a person centred holistic approach.

The services offer three care pathways:

After receiving a referral the clinical team will choose the best pathway and unit to meet the needs of the individual and there may be a transfer from one unit to another as the person's abilities change.


The Psychological Therapies Service at The Tuke Centre provides.....

High quality counselling, psychotherapypsychiatric and psychological services for individuals, groups, couples and families.  These include specialist services for trauma, personality disorders and eating disorders.

The Tuke Centre also provides employee assistance programmes for organisations along with specialist support and consultancy for employers and managers.

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Specialist mental health care of the highest standard and quality.

Welcome to The Retreat

The Retreat is a not-for-profit specialist mental health care provider, working with the NHS to provide care for people with complex and challenging needs.

We are very proud of our reputation for excellence, providing care of the highest standard and quality. Our welcoming environment is open, light, spacious and calming, enabling recovery and independence. We help people to imagine a future for themselves, holding on to hope.

Our relationships are based on respect, dignity and tolerance and our patients are kept safe and secure through strong therapeutic relationships.